In the waters of Joal


On the beach of Joal

Fisherman boat

This boat looks like a big barge, but fishermen can be more than 40 on it and spend a whole night fishing in quite tough conditions.

Return of the fishermen

Kirikou is very brave

Kirikou and his watering can

Mbour Harbour, Boy

From Here, I can see the World

When getting off the boat on Mbour beach, in the south of Dakar, you are first struck by the smell of fish, and once you get used to the smelly atmosphere, you can… Continue reading

The woman below

A picture of the market fish of Mbour. Dockers fight their way through woman selling some fish spread directly on the sand or on plastic sheets.

Boabob, Tree of Wisdom

Baobab, a Tree of Wisdom in Senegalese culture. Some of them have reached the age of 1000 years. It is said that entering and exiting a Baobab is like a second birth.